Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

Coming up with 1 year anniversary gifts can be a bit tricky, especially when you want something to make them feel incredibly loved after your first year of marriage.

The paper anniversary refers to a blank slate, where you have the opportunity to fill it up with new emotions, experiences, and accomplishments.

After all, this marks a fresh start to a year of new adventures.

Hence the wedding gifts for this first year are usually very modest and fragile, just like the beginnings of a lasting marriage.

And the first wedding anniversary is the time to look towards the future as a new page, which allows you to illustrate it the way you want.

We understand that it might feel like it hasn’t been long since you exchanged your beautiful wedding vows, and have made so many memories since your wedding day.

But, the paper gifts tradition this time should be like a token of love and appreciation for having them as your husband or wife.

So, let’s get started by picking out the best anniversary gifts for your spouse!

Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. Couples T-Shirt

What better way to celebrate your first anniversary than with this fun matching t-shirts that help bring a smile to anyone’s face.

It’s available in 5 different solid colors and made from 100% cotton, so you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort level.

The graphic design is pretty cute, and it makes for one of those perfect first anniversary gifts.

Plus, you should ensure that you select the right size.

The casual design makes it easy to pair the t-shirt with any bottom.

Gifting a couple’s t-shirt is an exciting idea.

Your partner not only gets to enjoy this personalized gift, but you’ll also love the humor attached to it.

It comes with a double-needle sleeve, which shows that the quality and durability of the t-shirt is on point.

We advise you to wash it with similar colors and dry on low heat to prevent the color from fading off.

2. Anniversary Clock

This is one of the best-customized one year anniversary gifts where you can have your wedding date engraved on the clock surface to celebrate your first year together.

We understand that most of us don’t pay attention to the details on the clock when we look at the time.

But with this Wedding clock by LifeSong Milestones, you’ll always have the laser engraved family name or monogram being highlighted at the center.

With passing time, you get to notice the deepening of your commitment to each other.

This clock will last you for years to come since it’s crafted with cherry wood, and it’s equipped with a quality quartz mechanism.

You can either mount it on the wall or have it as a tabletop display; either way, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of the classy piece.

3. Engraved Leather Valet Tray

This beautifully engraved leather catchall valet tray first anniversary gift does not only have a practical design but also makes for a great decorative item.

After all, you’re not the only one that needs a catch-all!

If your husband has a lot of accessories such as cufflinks, watches, or keys, he needs an easy place to store them.

It’s made using quality leatherette, and the durability of this product symbolizes the strength of your marriage and the ability to get through the rough times.

And nothing beats the utility of a catchall valet for having some of the essential items organized in one place.

This tray by Kate Posh strikes the perfect balance of functional and masculine.

It comes with a distinct design that is mainly highlighted with its pinched snap corners and engraved details.

Moreover, when you look at the tray itself, the design stands out with the one-year markings and a few other words that showcase the time that you’ve spent together.

All in all, it’s an attractive and practical gift for your husband, helping them keep their valuables safe and organized.

For the best part, it comes with an unmatched rustic flair by other materials.

4. Anniversary Paperweight

Crystals are like a dazzling reminder of the love that you’ve shared for this first year together as husband and wife.

It reflects the strong bond that you have or looking forward to building in the coming years.

After all, a piece of crystal looks stunning irrespective of where you place it at home, and it can be admired for decades altogether.

The crystal paperweight is one such reminder that your relationship should be strong enough to stand the test of time.

When looking at the image, you might find this crystal paperweight very delicate, but it’s nothing less than solid.

The love shaped crystal comes laser engraved with “1 year of marriage” and many other details that signify the time that you’ve spent together.

Moreover, crystals also represent the sparkling and pure love that should exist between husband and wife.

This is one of the prettiest options in this list, and it fits the bill without leaving you with a hole in your pocket.

Overall, this first anniversary gift is a beautiful, fun, and decorative study or coffee table object that looks quite luxurious.

5. Cottage Garden Music Box

Whether your wife loves the rustic, vintage look or the contemporary style, this Italian music inspired box by Cottage Garden meets both these ends ideally.

The top section of the lid comes with embossed, silver color detail.

And the Burlwood finish gives this box a classy feel.

This first anniversary gift has some simple artwork, but you can easily replace it with your wedding pictures or some other photo.

Moving to the interiors, it’s lined with a black velvet cover that helps protect the quality of the stored items.

Plus, as you open the box, the traditional wind-up mechanism starts playing a piece of soothing music that is not disturbing even in the quietest of homes.

We find it looks more like a fashionable and attractive jewelry box that can be used to house all the precious treasures.

The design of the box is such that your wife won’t want to hide away because the stunning aura and simplicity suits best when it’s displayed proudly.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the box, leaving marks on the shelf surfaces or the tabletop.

Because it features four decorative bun feet that prevent any damage, instead it supports the brilliant craftsmanship.

6. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

This first anniversary gift porcelain figurine is just perfect for a keepsake gift.

This charming statue depicts a man lovingly holding the hand of his loved one.

It captures the young love vibe that begins with a lot of spark and hope for years of togetherness.

It has a stunning yet minimalist design that makes it indeed a special gift.

The blend of colors is pretty subtle, which helps to emulate simplicity in its best form, especially when you’re in love.

Moreover, it also shows the innocence and hope for a happy marriage.

The image is such that it will remind you of all the good times and bumpy rides that you have been through by supporting one another.

It has been sculpted using fine bisque porcelain and hand-painted to perfection to hold cherished memories of a lifetime.

It makes for a thoughtful first anniversary gift.

The effortless sculpture represents friendship, loyalty, and love, all of which are the essential ingredients to a successful marriage.

7. Copper Penny Keychain

If you’re looking for a handmade and personalized first anniversary gift, then you can never go wrong with this copper penny keychain that has a precious vintage look.

It’s made with a real copper penny that will tarnish over time, just like any other pennies in your collection.

The aluminum surround pairs up perfectly with the copper coin that is stamped with the saying “ 1 Down- Forever To Go”.

You might notice a slight difference in the spacing and placement of letters, which gives this piece a unique character.

Plus, this first anniversary gift is another great keepsake gift that will remind you of this memorable day even when you look back at it after many years.

A sweet keychain that is discreet yet sentimental, as the contrast of copper and aluminum, gives it a rather rustic finish.

By the look of the keychain, you can say that it’s a durable product, and it can withstand the onslaughts of regular usage.

Final Words

You just made it through the first 365 days of discovering and rediscovering each other as a married couple.

This calls for a celebration to mark this special and sentimental day filled with loads of memories.

And what better way to start a new beginning than with giving a token of love?

That said, we understand that surfing down these unique ideas for gifts has made you wonder whether your partner will love the gift or not.

Well! Who can’t win a heart with these one year anniversary gift ideas?

And it’s best not to procrastinate your gift shopping when the dates are approaching.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and order one or more of your favorite gifts from this list to celebrate your marriage or togetherness.

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