Best 14 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

If you’re looking for 14 year anniversary gifts, it must be about time to celebrate another milestone of love and happiness.

You deserve a pat on the back for making it this far.

And we are quite certain that you understand the importance of celebrating your wedding anniversaries.

Sure, choosing a thoughtful gift every time can be quite a hassle.

And so, if you are on the lookout for wedding gifts, we are here to help.

Now, the traditional anniversary gift ideas are ivory, but it’s best to skip the real deal because elephants are precious!

Instead, you can get gifts that reflect the same honor, stability, patience, and dignity that the elephant stands for.

Gold jewelry anniversary gifts are just that!

So, without any further ado, here are the anniversary gifts we have compiled for you.

Best 14 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. Loving Elephants with Heart Sculpture

An elephant is an auspicious symbol as it brings in prosperity, good luck, and success in the house.

This beautiful sculpture is constructed with resilient cast resin that has the look of hand-polished wood.

And the best part is its weatherproof finish, which ensures that the color will be maintained for years to come.

The sculpture has two 9-inch elephants with their trunks intertwined that showcases the purity of love.

You can place this 14th anniversary gift in the bedroom or living room as it helps in promoting respect and faithfulness between two individuals.

Moreover, according to traditions keeping an elephant statue pair in the bedroom is a symbol of fertility.

And each time your partner looks at this well-crafted sculpture, they will be reminded of how a peaceful state of mind can harbor positive thoughts.

In the end, the power to love and cherish one another is an essential factor for having a successful 14 years of marriage and beyond.

On top of that, the elephant is the symbol of the 14th wedding anniversary because it marks the strength and cooperative spirit that has kept a couple together for 14 years.

So, don’t hesitate to include this in your gift basket.

2. Sterling Silver Love Knot Cufflinks

If you’re looking for the perfect 14th anniversary gift for your husband, then do check out this pair of sterling silver cufflinks by LeCalla.

It has an intricate design of a love knot, which is a popular theme in jewelry.

It symbolizes love and unity, because when two rings are knotted together, they are unbreakable and inseparable.

So, when you give your husband this classy cufflink for your 14th anniversary, it will mark the unbreakable bond of marriage.

This piece of jewelry has a ‘925…’ sterling silver stamp that helps you understand that the quality is on point.

It also comes with an anti-tarnish coating that preserves the luster and shine of this cufflink.

Moreover, as long as it doesn’t come in contact with harsh chemicals and other corrosive liquids this piece will maintain its sheen for years on end.

Nevertheless, giving this gift to your partner is an effortless way of showing the depth of your love as it highlights deep emotions and commitment.

3. Fog-Free Shower Mirror

If you’re one of those other hundreds of couples who are pushing each other out of a single mirror space, then you should consider this shower mirror by Sharper Image.

This is a fully adjustable shower mirror, so irrespective of where you’re standing, you can turn the mirror in any direction.

And it can be easily attached to any of your standard showerhead rims.

This eliminates the need of having to purchase a showerhead separately.

Moreover, this 14th anniversary gift is a dual-sided mirror and measures about 6.5-inches.

It also comes with 1X and 3X magnification, which makes it suitable for a shaving mirror.

This shower mirror has an elegant chrome finish and includes a razor holder.

So your husband doesn’t have to go about looking for his shaving tools.

4. USA Scratch Off Travel Map

Couples who love traveling together get to relish the independence and freedom that travel provides.

When you explore new places together, it excites and gives you amazing reasons to enjoy each other’s company.

This gift idea is pretty exciting as it comes with a USA map that highlights the capital of each state.

You’ll be receiving this 32 x 24 (inches) map inside a plastic tube that protects the quality during delivery.

It makes for a perfect decor poster that highlights all the places that you have been to, and you can also use it to plan your next vacation together.

This 14th anniversary gift also includes a scratch-off pen so you can easily track your achievements as a couple.

This gorgeous map is not only a brilliant gift idea but also helps you cherish the memories that you have made together these 14 years as a couple.

All in all, this scratch off travel map is a gentle reminder that there is nothing more special and adventurous than traveling together.

5. Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

If you’re looking for a 14th anniversary gift to give a couple that loves to enjoy a drink together, then you can’t go wrong with this electric wine opener.

Not only does it look stylish and modern, but it also has great functionality.

You can open the wine bottle within a few seconds when you’re using this tool.

This cordless wine opener has a simple push-button operation that makes it effortless to remove the cork.

And it also includes a foil cutter in the side that lets you remove the seals with one gentle twist.

The Chefman’s model has an easy-to-use transparent design that helps to eliminate all the guesswork when you’re removing the cork.

Moreover, it features LED lights on the charging base that makes for an amazing, subtle night light when it’s plugged in.

So the next time you fumble through your kitchen for a late-night snack, you won’t miss a step when this unit emanates a beautiful blue light.

As for the battery, on a full charge you can use this tool to open 30 bottles.

Overall, the quality and design of this piece are up to the mark, and you’ll always be remembered for this efficient wine opener.

6. Engraved Rawhide Leather Bookmark

If your partner loves to read books, then they will understand the value of having a quality bookmark with them.

This hand-crafted piece lets you keep the book in good condition, with minimal damage, and most importantly, you don’t have to dog-ear the pages.

The beauty of sharing books is an age-old tradition that is enjoyed by many.

This is why a bookmark plays an essential role in maintaining the quality of the pages so that the book can be loved for centuries altogether.

It does make for a beautiful and cute 14th wedding anniversary present.

And this leather engraved bookmark by Kate Posh also comes with the saying “I Love You to The Moon and Back.”

So irrespective of how the journey has been, it is a simple reminder of what really matters.

7. Fragrances Reed Diffuser

A home that smells good helps in lifting the mood of all the family members.

And reed diffusers are an excellent way to scent up any private space without any need to light up a scented candle.

The glass vessel has a classic shape with modern stripe etching that doesn’t fail to complement any home decor.

This set by NEST Fragrances has a tropical scent that comes from a beautiful combination of different elements.

This 14th wedding anniversary present includes- bergamot, silicon tangerine with a touch of mango, and passion fruit that has been blended over a base of praline and musk.

And one of the things we absolutely adore is that it releases fragrance slowly into the air, which further allows for an even distribution of the scent.

These kind of 14th anniversary gifts help prevent headaches due to the strong smell.

And on top of that, it’s also an alcohol-free formula.

Having this reed diffuser in the living room or bedroom will make you feel more refreshed with the aromatic blossoms.

Final Words

It’s essential to show your gratitude for all the love that you’ve received from your partner.

Even more so, if you’re committed to making your partner feel special for many more anniversaries and gift occasions to come.

With every year that passes by, it marks your journey of togetherness.

And this is one such marriage milestone that you’re going to celebrate.

It might not have the same excitement as the first one, but now you know more about your partner and their preferences.

Thus finding 14th anniversary gifts that will suit their taste and style shouldn’t be very challenging.

After all, it’s about celebrating all the adventures that have come your way in the last 14 years.

So, go ahead and get your favorite gifts from this list!

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