Best 17 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

After all these years of being married, you’re still looking for 17 year anniversary gifts; this shows that the saying “Love Knows No Bounds” is true indeed!

And there’s nothing more commendable in a relationship than showing appreciation for all the love and support that you have received from your partner.

Moreover, the anniversary is one such day that brings back thousands of memories, of how you both held on through the rough tides to see this beautiful day.

While that is all well and good, choosing an appropriate wedding gift for your partner isn’t.

Even after spending decades together, it’s hard to impress your significant other with an anniversary gift.

And we perfectly understand that.

And that is why we have compiled a list of anniversary gifts which not only honor the 17th anniversary theme, but should also give you some gifts on what to select for your loved one.

Let’s get started with the wine or spirits anniversary gifts, shall we?

Best 17 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. Mexican Spice Gift Set

If your partner has a passion for cooking, then you might have seen them obsessing over quality herbs and spices.

This 17th anniversary gift set is one of those impressive cooking essentials that can add more flavor and drama to the meal being prepared.

And at times, it’s best to stick to the basics, which is why we believe this Mexican spice gift set by Chef Cherie is a good pick.

The spice set comes with five separate jars of 2.oz each, and it includes- Mexican oregano, Burrito spice, Taco seasoning, Mexican BBQ seasoning, and Fajita seasoning.

And the best part of it is that the spices are 100% natural without any mixture of MSG or fillers.

This makes it a healthy choice because, in today’s market, finding pure spices can be pretty challenging.

Moreover, for easy use and storage, the jars have screw tops that keep it free from moisture.

So, don’t hesitate to include this in the 17th anniversary gift basket, because your partner will enjoy the variety and taste that the spices offer.

2. Men’s Portfolio Reversible Patterned Plaque Belt

If your husband likes to collect a range of formal belts, then you should check out this item by Perry Ellis.

With so many options available, it often gets a little tricky to find one that will match perfectly with your regular ensemble.

But thankfully, the design of this belt is such that it’s reversible so that you can use either the black or brown side.

The versatility of its design leaves a surprisingly large impact on the user, and that’s mainly because it has a great blend between form and function.

Since the buckle is also easy to reverse, you won’t face any hassle while switching from the black to brown side, and vice versa.

As for quality, it’s made with 75% leather and 25% of other fibers, all of which are known for their incredible durability.

Additionally, the buckle has a simple design, and it’s made of gunmetal, which looks classy when compared to other regular belts.

And this 17th anniversary gift also has a decent width that quickly passes through most belt loops.

All in all, when your partner has this patterned plaque belt in their wardrobe, they can use one single piece for all their formal wear.

3. Tie Clips Set for Men

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your husbands’ dressing style with a range of stylish accessories, then don’t miss out on a tie clip.

Especially when your husband has a collection of skinny ties, they can probably relate to the trouble of keeping it in place.

And this 17th anniversary gift is precisely where the picture of tie bars come into place.

The set of 8 clips comes in varied colors, so finding a piece that will complement your suit shouldn’t be difficult.

On an interesting note, each clip comes with a beautiful design ranging from chrome finish to a matte black shade; this set covers it all.

Moreover, the clips are designed to accentuate different colored shirts that you wear throughout the week.

So, you don’t have to repeat the same clip the following day.

You just need to clip both the ends of the tie to the placket of your shirt and voila!

This not only allows you to move around freely without having to fix the tie every time, but also gives you a sharper image.

All in all, the design of these tie clips are on point, and your husband is undoubtedly going to appreciate this 17th anniversary gift.

4. Wireless UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Qi Charger

Most of us are already aware of the amount of dirt and bacteria that sits on the phone due to regular usage.

But with the advent of technology, you can find devices that have a solution to many problems.

One such product is the smartphone sanitizer and Qi charger by PhoneSoap.

This 17th anniversary gift has a simple design with a charging port and a UV lamp inside.

The UV-C light can kill the bacteria on any surface that the light touches.

This is a significant advantage because most of us have large phones, and this sanitizer can comfortably accommodate any size.

After placing your smartphone in the case and getting it cleaned for 5-6 minutes, you can start charging the battery with or without using a charging cable.

This is because this device uses the Qi inductive charging technology, which eliminates the need to use a separate cable.

But for maximum charging capability, it’s also equipped with USB and USB-C ports.

All in all, it makes for an innovative 17th anniversary gift, especially if your partner is a bit of a germaphobe.

5. Convertible Crossbody Bag

If you ask yourself why your wife loves handbags and how are they are all so trendy, you’ll probably not have an answer to that.

Well! They do a lot of research to ensure that they are keeping up with the latest trends.

But don’t worry, we have taken care of the research bit to ensure that we pick a bag that is convenient to carry and also makes your wife look her best.

And the design that caught our eye is a convertible crossbody bag by Kate Spade.

The 17th anniversary gift comes in medium size, which is pretty standard for a crossbody one.

And the zipper closure help to secure all the essentials.

You’ll also find a range of available color options.

So, getting a bag that you feel suits her style and preferences won’t be very hard.

This 17th anniversary gift is made with synthetic materials that are both durable and easy to maintain.

Also, the crossbody strap is another standout feature that makes it convenient when you want to keep your hands free.

And all in all, the design and quality of this bag are up to the mark, which makes it worth every penny.

6. Hydrate + Glow Natural Skincare Mini Collection

Whether your partner has already switched to a natural skincare routine or looking for the right products to buy, this mini collection is a real deal.

And it’s cruelty-free as well as vegan, which is one of the major selling points.

The beauty industry is hailing this hydrating glow skincare collection by Herbivore because it’s also free from chemical products.

And it’s suitable for all skin types, which helps prevent any side effects.

Based on the sentiment that, just like food, where fresh is best, this 17th anniversary gift is also made with ingredients that have retained its maximum freshness.

Even though it has a short shelf life and shorter expiry dates, it does highlight the authenticity of this 17th anniversary gift.

You’ll be receiving four different products that includes – pink cloud moisture creme, brighten glow mask, phoenix facial oil, and rose hibiscus hydrating mist.

Now, with natural beauty products, the result might take a little longer to show, but you can be assured that the skin will remain healthier for long.

7. Walnut Wooden Bar Cart

If you’re looking for a 17th anniversary gift that will come of great use to the household, while your partner also appreciates the thoughtfulness, then do check out this gift idea.

It is a well-designed wooden bar cart by Christopher Knight Home.

With this cart standing tall in the bar corner, you can rest easy without having to run out of stock while entertaining guests.

The cart has a beautiful dark walnut finish with iron frames, which has been constructed to withstand different weather conditions.

Moreover, the design of this 17th anniversary gift is pretty elegant, and it will complement any decor, be it traditional or contemporary.

And the cart also features four wheels that make it easier to move it from one space to another.

And you also use the cart to arrange all your drinks in one place or even keep it as a display shelf.

In the end, your partner is not only going to enjoy the beauty and elegance of its overall construction, but also it’s multi-function usage.

Final Words

With time you not only understand the value of having a companion to share your wealth, health, joy, sorrow, and adventures, but also the beauty of love.

Even if it seems like a roller coaster ride today, that doesn’t mean tomorrow has to be the same.

Now, when your partner has stood by you through thick and thin for the last 17 years, it’s a lot to be thankful for.

And if you were confused about what to gift your partner, that’s understandable.

But we hope this 17th anniversary gift guide has helped you find a product that will bring a smile to your partner’s face.

So, without waiting any longer, go ahead and pick the best gifts to celebrate that marriage milestone!

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