Best 3 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

Looking for the perfect 3 year anniversary gifts?

Here’s what you might wanna know!

And so my lovelies, here’s a shout out to you who have grandly made it to their third year of holy, shmoly, matrimony.

Take a bow to yourselves and celebrate love in all its forms.

With every year ticking off, the game gets even more challenging around the wedding gift ideas theme.

And, for the third year, what we have is sexy, powerful, and one of the most versatile materials ever: the royal Leather!

Even though you can get a heck lot of things made of leather, not everything is going to be a hit all the time.

And do you really want to lose in the game by making the mistake of winging it?

For that precise reason, we’re here once again with our list of brilliant wedding anniversary gifts for you and your significant other….this time for the 3rd anniversary, these are called leather anniversary gifts!

Best 3 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. Anniversary Slim Wallet

There is definitely something about the old school charm of a classic leather wallet, which never fails to impress.

And although there is little to be surprised by this universal gift idea, you’d be amazed by how much it can mean to ‘em men.

A slim wallet will hold all your essential cards and cash and is a pretty handy storage option that saves the day.

Not only does this make a bold, suave statement, but it’s also one of the best practical wedding anniversary gift ideas for men ever!

What we have here is a genuine slim wallet that is crafted stunningly out of authentic leather.

The product is entirely hand-made, reflecting fine craftsmanship with duly tested RFID block functioning methods.

The material is soft and breathable, but immensely enduring at the same time.

The wallet features 6 functional card slots that securely holds your essential cards.

It has a single card slot that provides the extra space always required for keeping the change.

However, what we love about it is that this slim wallet comes complete with a full year’s warranty on quality protection.

It offers a full refund or free replacement in case of any defect caused during manufacturing or delivery.

2. Coffee Mug for Her

Does the missus love coffee?

Spell it out loud in caffeinated words!

Aren’t coffee mugs the sweetest little gestures ever?

And with all of the designs that you can have on your coffee mugs right now, it can be tempting not to reach out for one on such a grand event.

Here is a heart-melting little mug with words to die on it.

YouNique Designs has crafted this utterly beautiful coffee sipper for “her” with just the words you’d want to tell her on this special day.

The cup is molded with high-quality glass; and it can be safely used in the microwave as well as the dishwasher.

Well, that really helps with all the time you would have otherwise had to spend cleaning the mug manually.

Also, you could simply pop your cup into the microwave to get your fresh brew and place it in the dishwasher after that.

Fun, creative, and “YouNique,” this mug will get you rewarded handsomely.

3. Personalized Leather Coasters with Initials

Leather can actually bring you a host of unconventional and unique gifts for a loved one.

And the only trick to get it just right with leather is to think outside the box.

Coasters, in general, make a beautiful gift for almost everyone.

These stick by real close to our glasses and mugs, protecting the surface of our tables and maybe remind us of good times.

So, keeping all that in mind, and most importantly, going with the theme of the third, we have something really cool to suggest.

And these are leather coasters from Forever Me Gifts that could be personalized.

The coasters can be customized with your names, your wedding anniversary date, and your beautiful initials, all laser-engraved in a heart!

The neoprene backing on the coaster bottom is soft and prevents scratches on your furniture.

The leatherette and metal ring make the coaster pretty heavy and keeps them from sticking to your glass when you pick it up.

We love how the laser inscriptions feel to the touch.

It will never wear off or fade out, pretty much like your everlasting bond of love! Right?

4. Stackable Metal Wine Rack

Wedding anniversaries call for grand celebrations with popping corks and flowing champagne all around the magical couple.

And if you and your partner share a common love of the golden liquid, then why not gift something that reminds you of that?

So, that is why we have got this immensely beautiful stackable metal wine rack for you here.

This wine rack is constructed using high-quality steel, which makes it incredibly durable and enduring.

Its solid metal construction prevents it from breaking or losing form under heavy impacts.

The high-shine bronze coating not only looks beautiful, but it makes the rack resistant against rust and scratches.

The stunning wave design of the shelves keeps the entire structure standing by its own gravity, by keeping the bottles firmly locked in their place.

This design also keeps the unit from wobbling, tilting, or falling.

It is an entirely stackable rack that comes with a 30-days full refund policy and a 365-days limited product guarantee period.

5. Personalized Slate Serving Tray

If there ever was a food that has been considered sexy, that is good cheese paired up with good wine.

And since we have already discussed arrangements for the latter, why not give you an excellent option for the former as well.

And that’s precisely why we have over here one of the most beautiful cheese serving trays from My Personal Memories.

This is a stunningly beautiful charcoal slate tray that can be personalized with names, dates, initials, or even messages.

A great addition to the kitchen, it can work marvelously as a 3rd anniversary anniversary gift for anyone!

Moreover, this item is available in 8 different elegant styles for you to choose from.

It is easy to maintain and requires only to be hand-washed with mild soap and a damp sponge.

Apart from just a 3rd anniversary present, it could also work well as a housewarming or wedding gift.

6. Engraved Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Decanters, personalized alcohol accessories, and tools are pretty popular as gift ideas for seasons and occasions.

These things are work especially for men more than women, in general, and are highly admired by them.

Alcohol flasks with space-efficient, functional designs, and personalized touches are some of the most prettiest toys for big boys.

And such a gesture for the third wedding anniversary could be just the perfect thing for him!

So, what we have done here is bring a gorgeous stainless steel hip flask as the ideal anniversary gift for your loved one.

Petjoy Wiredog, in fact, offers you free personalization so that you could express your love in two full lines across the matt black surface of the flask!

It allows up to 20 characters per line.

The words engraved will be in polished stainless, creating a stunning contrast with the matt surface.

The sleek and enduring stainless steel construction maintains the hygiene of the inside of the container and its interactions with the contents.

7. Personalized Leather Journal

So, coming to the very end of this list of some beautiful leather-themed gifts for your third wedding anniversary, we have one last item to go with.

And this comes from the house of Ox & Pine.

And this, in our opinion, is definitely something that is not only expressive, but it’s also deeply thoughtful and sentimental on somebody’s part.

This is a charming little leather journal notebook or sketchbook that comes bound with a leather tie.

Very old-school, very vintage, the sketchbook is beautifully made with authentic cowhide full-grain leather.

It is also available in different color variants such as Saddle Tan, Dark Brown, and Rustic Brown.

It contains high-quality, acid-free paper with clean, straight edges and measuring around 80 lb in text weight.

The pages are further bound with a strong waxed Irish linen thread.

A lot of thought goes into choosing something like this as a leather anniversary gift for their partners.

It shows a deep sense of care and love, along with a great understanding of each other’s individuality.

And all of these truly make this an exceptional 3rd anniversary gift for an occasion like this.

Final Words

Each item on this list has been chosen especially to represent your love for your spouse in the fondest, most tender and expressive ways possible.

The third anniversary sees the beginning of a stronger and more deeper understanding of one another, after the initial hurdles in a marriage.

It opens up a new chapter of companionship that should be celebrated in the most colorful and evocative ways possible.

We hope what we have chosen becomes a token of this loving bond between you and your spouse, that grows stronger by the day.

Here’s wishing for a lifetime of happiness, joy, and togetherness to all people in love.

So, go get your special person one of these fantastic gifts right away!

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