Best 4 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

Looking for the best 4 year anniversary gifts?

Here’s a list of things you can look forward to!

It only seems like yesterday that you emerged as man and wife, holding hands, to a cloud of confetti and cheers.

And before you knew it, you are standing, still holding hands, celebrating the fourth anniversary of your marriage.

Not only does this seem like the sweetest thing ever, but it also writes the beginnings of a great new chapter in your life together.

The fourth anniversary is definitely a milestone in your marital relationship.

And that’s why it should be celebrated in an even grander way than your third!

With another year counted down, the wedding gift game is upped a notch.

In this gift guide, we’ve brought you a selection of some of the most incredible fruit and flowers anniversary gifts!

Best 4 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. All-Season Quilted Comforter

When it’s linen on an epic occasion such as this one, you can bet we are going to suggest something for the marital bed!

And, that is exactly why we are here with this impressive quilted comforter from Linenspa.

This ultra-soft, all-season microfiber comforter is everything you need to kick up an absolute storm between the sheets.

Now, if that sounds too tempting for your right now, you would be pleased to know about all the winning features of this comforter.

This microfiber down has a 300 GSM fill that provides absolute comfort without the sting of feathers, sharp quills, or any malodor.

The 8 built-in corners and side loops on the comforter secure the duvet cover in place.

This way, you don’t have to worry about tidying up the bed all the time!

It also features a box-stitch design that keeps the comforter in place.

The beautiful fluffed-up look of the product is one that tempts the senses.

And the satisfaction of buying this item is in the 3-year warranty that the manufacturer provides you with.

So, not only do you get a four year anniversary gift that is justifiably right for the occasion, but you get it on an incredible deal.

2. Personalized Champagne Flutes

One of the many things that makes a stunning statement in the house is the glassware kept at the bar or the kitchen.

There is something so incredibly charming about long-stemmed champagne flutes and goblets.

These twinkle charmingly in the light which attracts every eye to them.

So what we have over here is almost the perfect four year anniversary gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

And that is a set of personalized marquis brookside champagne flutes from Waterford!

This absolutely stunning collection of champagne flutes can be customized with your message.

And this is exactly what makes this collection so unique and special to the one you love.

You can put numbers, initials, personalized texts on these flutes.

These champagne flutes are crafted to perfection in a way that it catches light from all directions.

They reflect an unmatched elegance owing their classical designs.

Each glass features 16-faceted star-cut design, which makes it highly reflective of the light when it hits them.

And all it takes for you to do is just put your loving words across them!

3. Bamboo Cheese Board with Drawer & Knives

We have already talked about the wine and champagne.

So, let us now suggest something that’s going to be the perfect companion for those cute little champagne flutes.

Want to make it extra special on your anniversary by serving a classic cheese and wine platter?

Then, gift your partner this brilliant Bamboo Cheese Board.

What makes this cheese cutting board extra special is that it comes with a drawer compartment holding a set of 4 cheese knives.

A gorgeous little four year anniversary gift for every kitchen-person out there, this cutting and serving board serves a functional purpose.

This makes for an exclusive luxury cheese-station!

It is made of 100% MOSO bamboo that is organically grown.

The board can be safely used for cutting and serving food.

And, it also carries an FDA-certification, for that matter.

This ensures high-quality and absolute safety for all its users.

The cheese-tools contained in the concealed pull-out drawer include knives for cutting, slicing, and serving the food.

Overall, this makes one heck of a wedding anniversary gift, which not only looks beautiful but is quite useful for every household.

4. 4th Anniversary Engraved Picture Frame

There couldn’t possibly be anything that is as expressive and touching as a picture itself.

Images are moments frozen in time that has long gone.

But they allow you to relive every second of those joyful times by simply reminding you of them.

And what better gift to give to your spouse than a visual representation of all the good moments you have lived and enjoyed together till now?

That is why we have chosen this beautiful natural wood picture frame, which will keep your best moments by your side forever.

But the best part of this four year anniversary gift is its design.

It is specially dedicated to every couple celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary!

Designed by the esteemed artist, Kate Posh, this frame comes with the words “4th Anniversary” engraved in big fonts right across the top of it.

This also depicts the number of days and months of your marital relationship on the sides, surrounding the glass.

The beveled edges of this horizontal (landscape) picture frame gives it an elegant finish.

It also comes with wall-hanging clips so that you can easily put it up on your wall.

All in all, this almost seems to be just the ideal wedding anniversary gift for everyone who greatly admires the charm of memories.

5. Cards Game for Couples

With time, every romantic relationship matures into a strong bond of friendship and partnership.

This is where one can tell what makes the other tick.

A married couple of 4 years will tell you all about the expected patterns of behavior about their spouses.

But, how often do we think of getting to know our partners or spouses all over again in a relationship? Almost never.

This could cause the relationship to lose its spark.

However, with what we have here, you can actually get to know your partners again!

And, might as well be surprised by all the new things you get to know about them.

So go ahead and bring this deck of “Conversation Starters” cards that are not only immensely fun but are also thought-provoking.

This actually gets you interested in spending some quality time getting to know more about your partner and learn so many new things about them.

The only thing that you have to remember is that people acquire new tastes, likes, and dislikes over time.

Your partner may absolutely surprise you with unexpected answers to the questions written on these cards.

And this can happen even after four years of marriage.

So why miss out on such a fantastic chance?

Get those cards right away to get the sparks flying between you two!

6. Preserved Real Rose LED Light in Jar

Roses are, hands-down, the ultimate symbol of love and are the universal romantic gifts.

There has rarely been anything as beautiful as this flower.

And, we can collectively agree that the stunning appeal of a rose is never gonna get old for people in love!

And that’s precisely why we have brought something that not only preserves that appeal but also beautifies it manifolds.

So, here is a beautiful LED Eternal Rose that lights up in 13 different ways.

The unit consists of an actual rose that is dehydrated, decolorized, and preserved with solutions to hold form for many years!

It is then put into a glass jar with LED lights that allows 13 functional modes.

This makes for an incredibly beautiful four year anniversary gift.

And, it is undeniably something very unique to say “I Love You” with on your 4th wedding anniversary.

7. Bullet Shaped Metal Whiskey Stones

It is no secret that men like having their drinks on rocks as much as they want to have a marriage as smooth as scotch.

And for such reasons, they greatly enjoy anything related to their favorite drinks, such as cool bar accessories and tools.

So, if your man prides himself over his collection and likes showing it off, then this thing right here is going to absolutely sweep him off his feet.

This is a collection of bullet-shapes metallic whiskey stones by TF TakeFlight.

These whiskey stones can be used to cool your drink in the most impressive way possible.

These whiskey ice-bullets are individually hand-packed into a suave 6-round revolver barrel freezer storage unit.

This looks totally hot and gives you easy access to the bullets!

These are made of 100% food-grade stainless steel and consist of a combination of cooling gel and water inside.

This acts as the contact-cooling agent for your drink.

All you have to do is pop the bullets into the freezer for a couple of hours before using them.

An excellent conversation starter, these metal whiskey stones make a dynamic appeal that’s bound to turn all heads towards them.

Final Words

The 4th anniversary stands as a doorway to many new adventures together.

It is that part of your conjugal life where the bond of love and understanding develops into a beautiful, mature companionship.

And, it is also that point in your marriage when you can realize many new things about your relationship.

Good things take time to unravel, they mature with age.

We do hope that these four years gives way to even grander 5th and many more numbers on your life together.

So, go get one of these fabulous gifts to celebrate your love right now!

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