Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

Looking to get the perfect 5 year anniversary gifts to celebrate five years of marriage or togetherness?

Here’s everything you may be looking for!

It is the grand fifth of your marriage!

Welcome to a glorious stage in your marital-life where most of you may have become parents to gorgeous little munchkins.

And this makes your relationship with your partner more mature, understanding, and tender.

By now, you may have seen and experienced most kinds of good and bad together.

The friendship is stronger than ever, with a lot more in store to live together!

That’s why the theme of wood seems to be totally justified.

A natural material that strongly sustains its structure under immense pressure, but is also versatile enough to be carved into the most beautiful things!

And if that doesn’t explain your relationship better, then we don’t know what does!

The fifth anniversary is just a beautiful event.

But that doesn’t mean that the competition of the thematic gift-game slackens!

So, for all who are looking to express their spouses in the most unique ways ever, we have just the wedding gifts ideas in store for you!

Simply continue reading the space below to know all about these wood anniversary ideas!

Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. 5 Years of Marriage Photo Frame

Marrying someone means a lifelong journey of making memories together.

And the essential part of all of that are pictures.

Seldom do you need to put your feelings into words if you just have the visual depiction of what life has blessed you with.

And that is precisely why we have chosen this beautiful wooden photo frame as the fifth anniversary gift for you!

This wooden picture frame is designed by the esteemed artist Kate Posh, and is hand-crafted to perfection by California-based artisans.

But the winning feature of this frame are the words “5 Years Of Marriage” engraved on the wood panel on the top of the glass screen!

Moreover, the sides of the wooden frame also have engravings of the number of months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds you have lived together as a lovely married couple.

This five year anniversary gift reminds you of all the good moments you have lived together!

The frame supports a landscape photo format and features beautifully curved bevel edges.

It also comes with wall-hanging clips for you to put it up as well as a back-stand so that you can keep it by your bedside.

Such a perfect gift is thoughtful and is an excellent reminder of the beautiful life that you have built together.

2. Wedding Anniversary Cup for Wife

If the wife loves coffee, then you must express it by catering to her caffeine requirements!

Do so in the most adorable ways with this quirky coffee mug!

Coffee mugs are universally loved, and makes them a perfect gift for all!

And with all of the variants, designs, quotes, and custom pictures you can now put on them, the gesture becomes even more special!

YouNique Designs brings you this heart-meltingly cute mug that has all the words you want to say to her written across it.

On your fifth anniversary, indulge her a bit and let her show off how much you love her whenever she takes a sip!

The mug is made of premium quality china, which can be put in the microwave as well as the dishwasher.

And, that saves you all the trouble of making your beverage in it or cleaning it manually.

This five year anniversary gift is a fun, creative, and expressive way to show her how much she means to you.

And, for that, you will definitely be generously rewarded!

3. Set of Forged Twisted Iron Roses

There can be little doubt about the universally romantic appeal of roses.

It is the ultimate token of love, representing its beauty, tenderness, and loyalty.

And, what would be a better wedding anniversary gift for your spouse than roses to spell your love with, on your 5th anniversary?

However, roses wilt and wither. Don’t they?

If you’re concerned about that, then we have something that will last you a lifetime!

So, this one is a set of two forged-iron roses, twisted together and placed in a mountable wooden frame!

These two intertwined roses are hand-forged and set up on a 3D wooden frame.

You can easily place it anywhere: on the desk, on a bedside table or on the fireplace mantle.

Or, you can simply hang it up on the wall for everyone to marvel at it!

A perfect 5 year anniversary gift on the occasion of a 5th anniversary, the intertwined roses will reflect the iron-bond of your tender relationship that keeps you connected forever!

4. Leather Travel Wallet

A wallet of any sort is always an exceedingly useful thing for all!

It makes a beautiful, utilitarian five year anniversary gift that’s highly appreciated by its owners.

In short, this is one option that you simply can’t go wrong with!

So why not get it for your husband or your wife on your fifth anniversary?

What we have over is a beautiful leather passport holder travel wallet from Wanderings for both him & her!

It is crafted out of premium-grade full grain crazy horse leather that will tan with age, becoming even more attractive!

The versatile design of this five year anniversary gift suits either gender, making an impressive statement whenever you whip it out.

The wallet has 2 pockets on each side and 4 standard-sized card slots.

It also features an RFID-blocking lining that protects you transactory (credit or debit) cards and passport chip from being exposed to RFID scanners.

This makes the wallet a foolproof safety storage for all your vital cards on the go.

Additionally, the item is also backed by a full refund or replacement policy with no questions asked, in the event of any defect caused during production or delivery.

5. Wood Art Turtle Jewelry Box

There is definitely something inexplicably beautiful about small wooden boxes that appeal to our senses.

This is probably because they remind us of little treasure trove brimming with glittering jewels, or memorabilia taking us back in time!

For all the beautiful nostalgic feelings a wooden box can evoke in us, it truly makes for a lovely gift for any occasion!

And when it’s the thematic wood anniversary, you need not think twice about gifting it to your special person.

This one by MarqArt is a beautiful wood keepsake box with a charming underwater turtle art!

The box has a solid and enduring wood construction, which is designed to last for a substantial period of time.

The box-exterior has a satin lacquer finish that looks and feels great to the touch.

The bottom of the box comes with a tan velvet addition that prevents surface-scratches.

The box-interiors are also lacquered and preserved with a velvet inlay that protects your delicate jewelry or other belongings.

This is truly a wonderful five year anniversary gift for one to have and a great way to convey that they are cared for!

6. The Couples Bucket List

Now, guys, we do understand that with time, things may get a bit hectic or mechanical for couples to be able to make time for one another.

We have all felt the pressure of handling family, jobs, and social lives, that at times, can bear heavy on our time with our spouses.

And that’s why, at times, we can run out of gift ideas to spice things up in our relationships.

Well, to save the day for you, we have come with this amazing gift idea for your fifth anniversary!

And that’s The Couple’s Bucket List!

So, basically, the package includes a 100 fresh date night ideas for you and your spouse, to add that much-needed spark to your relationship.

The box contains date night ideas on cards that you can pick randomly or even make a sexy little game out of.

If that sounds tempting to you, then you should really stop reading and get it for both of you right now!

7. Personalized Men’s Silver & Walnut Cufflinks

And what we know, if there’s one accessory apart from the watch or belt which men absolutely love, then that’s a good pair of cufflinks.

In fact, cufflinks are much valued as traditional wood anniversary gifts over other things in many parts of the world.

So, to conclude our list with one of the most beautiful things we have on it today, we have this stunningly beautiful pair of cufflinks by ZANA Designs.

These are actually walnut cufflinks with 925 sterling silver frames.

And the best part about them is that the personalized wooden face of these cufflinks can be engraved with your message for your loved one.

It is, overall, an incredibly handsome gift for the equally attractive man in your life!

And it definitely makes for a grand 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

Final Words

The 5th wedding anniversary is literally a huge deal.

That is because it does set the five years marriage milestone in your relationship.

By this time, you will pretty much know about what makes your partner tick.

And what do they expect from you even if they don’t put that much into words.

And although you do not really need to dish out gifts all the time to express how you feel about them, even a small token of love goes a long way in conveying your feelings for them.

We hope you liked our anniversary gift suggestions.

Here’s wishing for a great many years of love and togetherness for you all!

And, do not delay in getting these wonderful gifts for your special one to celebrate your 5th marriage jubilee right away!

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