Best 7 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

If you’re gearing up for your 7th anniversary, then we have a bunch of awesome 7 year anniversary gifts that we want to tell you all about!

Successfully completing seven years in a marriage is not a cakewalk.

And, for all that you have managed to tackle together, you certainly deserve the loudest shout-out.

And here’s wishing you many more years of love and togetherness ahead.

However, with another anniversary ticking off, the game of selecting the best wedding gifts intensifies real deep!

The theme of the seven years of marriage is the wool or copper anniversary, and it denotes the resilience of the relationship that holds on strong against every adversity.

So, selecting something that depicts that very aspect of your relationship could get challenging.

That’s why, we are here with an extensive list of the best anniversary gifts for that are bound to impress your spouse.

Simply keep on reading to know more about the wool and copper anniversary gifts!

Best 7 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. Personalized 7 Year Anniversary Wedding Gift

Well, the seventh anniversary is undeniably a huge deal, and it really calls for thoughtful, expressive depictions of love.

And, as we all know, the only way to immortalize such intense feelings, is to have then engraved for eternity.

And that is precisely why we have come up with a beautiful seventh anniversary gift suggestion of this personalized wooden plaque!

It depicts all the months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds that you have spent being married to each other for four years.

And this in itself is a way and a promise of welcoming even more of those together.

The plaque can be personalized to hold your names surrounded by cute, interlinked little hearts.

The item is made using high-quality solid beech wood and is entirely crafted in the United States.

The brand has its own patented and unique way of engraving the words and numbers on the plaque, that is never gonna chip or fade away.

Overall, this is a wonderful anniversary gift to give.

You can either hang it up on the wall or put it on the mantel or bedside table as a great display of affection.

2. Personalized Photo Printing on Wood Pallet

The advancements in science and technology have revolutionized every field of work that there is.

And the one area that has been drastically affected by it, is the field of applied art.

The incredible new methods of putting paint to the canvas have changed the modes of expression itself.

And this printed wood pallet by Artblox stands to be a stunning example of precisely that.

This wooden pallet can be customized to have your photo printed on its surface, which looks uniquely gorgeous in every way.

And if you ask us, it makes for an absolutely awesome gift for your 7th anniversary!

The brand ensures a high-quality wood pallet for the purpose which the photo is directly printed on.

The natural wood grains provide a stunning texture to the photograph.

The vintage vibrancy of the printed picture creates an incredibly beautiful effect.

This goes beautifully with the occasion.

You can easily hand this up or keep it anywhere in the house.

Additionally, the brand uses a high-resolution UV-curable ink that makes the picture peel and fade-proof.

So, if this appeals to you right now, then do not hesitate to get yours made and delivered today!

3. Handcrafted Copper-Stained Metal Rose

There has rarely ever been a formal proposal without a rose involved.

Being the universal symbol of love in all its forms, roses have always represented the bond of tenderness, understanding, and loyalty in a relationship.

However, a real rose is like a memory that fades, leaving nothing but dried up petals behind.

And if you do want to say it all with a rose on this 7th wedding anniversary, then you needn’t worry about any wilting flower.

Because we have here this stunning wrought-iron rose that is stained with a copper hue!

An ideal selection for the theme of the 7th, this metal rose will reflect the iron bond of love between you and your spouse in the most beautiful way.

This decorative flower is hand-made out of mild steel or wrought-iron and then painted black and shades of copper (patina).

It is about 29 cm (11.4 inches) long.

You can keep it anywhere in the house, such as on the table, a shelf, or the fireplace.

Moreover, the flower comes in a cardboard box with wood wool and wrapped in craft-paper, making it absolutely gift-ready!

4. Mr. and Mrs. Ring Holder Ceramic Dish

So, let’s think for a while here.

There are these really romantic, showy seventh anniversary gifts and then there are really practical and functional wedding anniversary gifts.

But, it’s your 7th wedding anniversary, and that could mean only one thing: the best of both worlds!

So, how would you like to have something that looks really elegant and yet takes all the credit for being functional?

You’d, in fact, be surprised about how small things can be pretty applicable in such situations.

For instance, this ceramic couple’s ring holder dish by Verre Esprit.

It looks charmingly beautiful and serves the beneficial purpose of keeping your rings and other tiny pieces of jewelry.

This beautiful white double ring holder is made of premium quality ceramic.

And it is hand-painted in black and gold accents forming the words “Mr” and “Mrs.”

A charming anniversary gift for both him and her, it is a pretty functional unit for holding rings, necklaces, or even keys.

The anniversary gift, in fact, arrives gift-ready box with double-layers of foam, that will impress whoever you are giving it to.

Additionally, the anniversary gift is also backed by a full-refund or replacement policy by the brand.

5. Rose Gold Drinking Flask

Every once in awhile, we need to sit back and unwind with a few sharp nips of scotch from our favorite flask of magic!

This is also something that is much admired as a gift by all who want to keep their alcohol handy.

So, if your spouse likes themselves a handsome scotch flask, then you can absolutely gift them this gorgeous one with a stunning rose-gold and copper finish.

The flask, in fact, comes a complete set, including a funnel (done in the same accents) that helps you to pour the liquid easily in it.

The flask capacitates 8 oz of liquid, which is a substantial portion.

But, the winning feature of the item are the words “Well Deserved” engraved across its shiny rose-gold surface!

Not only does this anniversary gift look highly attractive, but it also serves to be a fun choice of words that brings a smile on anyone’s face.

This wedding anniversary gift is designed to fit standard pocket sizes and in fact, comes in a luxurious black satin packaging.

6. Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Cutting boards can hold a lot of sentimental value for a kitchen-enthusiast.

This is because a cutting board is where all the initial work takes place, as things are made ready for the pot or even served at times.

This is the first thing that anyone uses when they get ready to cook up a storm!

So, why not give your culinary-enthusiast spouse this beautiful bamboo cutting board?

The board is hand-crafted out of high-quality bamboo, and that comes in 3 different sizes.

But, the real deal with this cutting board is that it can be personalized to have your names, dates, or messages engraved on its surface!

The attractive dark chocolate hue of the board looks magnificent, and the laser-engraved words on its surface feel expensive to the touch.

All you have to do is set the order for customization and your preferred choice of size and design with a few clicks of the mouse.

A truly wonderful gift for the occasion of a wedding anniversary, it spells your feelings for your partner in the most delicious ways ever!

The wedding anniversary gift also comes with a full refund and replacement policy, in case of any defects sustained at the time of production or delivery.

7. Etched World Decanter Whiskey Globe

And for the final item on our list, we have something by The Wine Savant that is not only stunning in every way but is also an essential item for your home-bar.

This is a whiskey decanter that looks like the world globe and makes the perfect gift for a 7th anniversary.

The decanter is carefully constructed with mahogany stained wood.

It includes a beautiful small detailed ship inside to explain the theme of the traveler.

Only this time, you will have the love of your life beside!

The decanter is made of pure borosilicate glass that is 100% lead-free.

It is pretty sturdily built, but still retains an elegance about itself which is reflected by its exquisite craftsmanship.

Additionally, the decanter also includes a set of 4 glasses with the same etched world design.

This absolutely sets the spirit high up around your anniversary celebration.

So, prepared to get love-drunk with such a beautiful bar set at hand!

Final Words

The 7th wedding anniversary is a reminder of the strength and resilience of your understanding.

It is a celebration of the kind of assurance that everyone wants in their marital relationship.

After spending such a significant number of days with your special person, everyone needs to look back for a while and feel proud of how far they have come together.

And, that is precisely why we have composed this list of gifts which are bound to make you feel the sheer brilliance of your marital life!

We hope you liked our selection of wedding anniversary gifts.

And if you did, then do get these excellent gifts for your loved one right away!

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