Best 9 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

The 9 year anniversary gifts that you pick comes from a lot of experience that you’ve garnered after being married for almost a decade.

With nine years of togetherness, there are a lot of new responsibilities and adventures that you must embark together.

After all, you have gone through the highs and lows without losing faith in the love that has brought two people together.

As you celebrate this beautiful occasion, you get to show your appreciation and fondness for the other person.

Even though you’re one year away from celebrating the ten-year marriage milestone, it’s an equally special day.

According to traditions, the 9th anniversary holds the theme of willow or pottery gifts.

These wedding gifts symbolizes the strength and flexibility that is required to have a successful marriage.

Now, there is a range of anniversary gifts that we have curated to help you celebrate this occasion.

So, let’s check them out by moving to the gifts!

Best 9 Year Anniversary Gifts – TOP 7

1. Engraved Leather Tray

Are you tired of organizing the small, essential items that your partner leaves behind?

If so, then you can gift them this chic leather catchall.

It’s practical, useful, and a simple way to add a touch of a personal statement to your space.

This tray is made with high-quality leatherette, that promises you with great durability and style.

It comes with a stamped logo and engravings that showcase nine years of marriage.

Each time you reach for the tray to collect your keys, phone, or any other items, you’ll get a glimpse of the bond that you both have been sharing.

And the best part, if you’re planning to make a gift hamper, you can use this tray as the base to keep other items.

The catchall has a pretty classy design with a brown leather finish.

Whether you plan to place it near the entrance table or inside one of the rooms, it grabs attention pretty effortlessly.

So when you want to purchase a 9th anniversary gift that has the perfect combination of form and function, you won’t go wrong with this piece.

2. Personalized Corkscrew Boxed Set

If you’re finding a 9th anniversary gift for a couple that loves to enjoy a glass of wine together, then you can’t go wrong with this corkscrew set by The Personal Exchange.

This is an elegant piece that highlights the beauty of excellent craftsmanship.

The box is quite sturdy, and it has a vintage wooden finish that can be engraved with the couple’s initials and marriage date.

It’s made with bamboo, which highlights greater sustainability, and you can be ensured that it will stand the test of time.

It has a very sleek opening that is held together by two small magnets, which helps to keep it secure.

The construction is such that it doesn’t hamper the overall design of this beautiful piece, and it’s easy to access.

Even the handle of the corkscrew is made with wood.

Whenever this set is taken out to be used for any occasion, you’ll be remembered for this beauty.

3. Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a splash of creativity to the 9th anniversary gift, then do check out this piece by Willow Tree.

This 9-inch hand-painted figure by Willow Tree is made of resin and can be easily displayed on a table, shelf, or mantel.

This traditional gift is a sweet symbol of love, where a couple is deeply in love as they hold each other.

The beauty of affection is captured in the most straightforward manner through this image.

You can clearly understand the refined lines of handcrafted work, which shows the reflection of the artist’s talent and patience in creating this figure.

You’ll also be receiving an enclosure card that has the saying, “Hold dear the promise of love.”

No matter where this sculpted figure is placed in the house, it will reflect the peaceful feeling that you get when you embrace your significant other.

After being together for nine years through the hurdles of life, when you still hold each other with the same care and love, then there is nothing more special.

So, do include this piece in your nine-years of marriage pottery gifts basket.

4. Double-Ear Hand Blown Flower Vase

Who doesn’t love to have beautiful flowers and a simple vase adorning their homes?

It’s true that taking care of the plant might not be an easy task for all, but keeping a few flower stalks emulates the beauty of a potted plant.

This anniversary calls for a spontaneous show of appreciation, and what better way to cherish your loved ones, than giving a decor piece.

After all, every homeowner loves to have items that reflect their personality.

The design of this glass vase is such that it can be easily held while shifting it from one place to another.

You can use this vase not just for keeping real flowers with water, but also for well-designed artificial flowers.

It also comes with three different size options that make it easy for you to pick the one that you like the most.

And filling it with some flowers will beautify the appearance of this well-sculpted vase and convey messages without words.

You don’t need to worry about the durability, as long as it’s not dropped from a height you’ll have this piece for years on end.

Thus, you’ll always be always remembered for this thoughtful ninth wedding anniversary gift.

5. 78,894 Hours Together Mug

A coffee mug is a 9th anniversary gift that will never fade in utility or go out of style.

And the best part, it’s open to customization, which is why brands like 3dRose have incorporated their anniversary gift ideas to create something unique.

We’ve picked out this piece because, at times, simplicity is all that’s required to leave a mark.

This mug is printed with the saying, “78,894 hours together, but who’s counting?”.

While at the bottom section it says “Happy 9th Anniversary”.

On top of that, the image is printed on both sides.

So, regardless of how you hold the mug, you can easily read the message.

If your partner loves to wake up to delicious brewed coffee, then a large mug is one of the best presents for them.

This gift will remind them of you whenever they want to have their spirits lifted in the morning.

This white ceramic mug has red interiors and handles that help to prevent coffee stains due to regular usage.

Plus, it has a pretty affordable price tag, which is a bonus considering the quality of this coffee mug.

6. Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker

When you’re looking for a present for someone that knows their way around the kitchen better than anyone else, a cooker is essential for them.

Why you ask?

Well! For all cooking enthusiasts, the trick of preparing the entire menu on time is a well-treasured slow cooker.

This kitchen tool helps to infuse the flavor in every bite of the food that’s being cooked.

And it reduces the cooking time at a drastic rate.

Especially with busy schedules, preparing the meal on time is like a hit-and-miss case.

So, to avoid any hassle, this programmable touchscreen slow cooker is a great alternative.

You don’t have to worry that the food is getting overcooked or surprise yourself with food that’s not cooked entirely.

To have the meal ready, you just have to set the timer after placing all the ingredients inside and allow it to do its work.

This anniversary gift by Crock-Pot also has a brilliant construction, with silicone wrapped metal handles, stainless exteriors, and a quality glass lid.

And the best part, it’s dishwasher-safe.

You’ll also be receiving a cookbook with this set, which is like the cherry on cake.

This makes a suitable choice for a marriage gift that encourages the couple to enjoy their home-cooked meals as they continue to strengthen their bond.

7. Potted Pottery Desk Rose

Having a beautiful potted flower on your desk elevates the mood and brings in positive energy.

This being said, you have the option to select pottery rose that will stand tall without having to worry about it wilting away with time.

Whether in the workplace or at home, we all have space for some beautiful decor pieces.

And this unit by JustPaperRoses will bring a smile to your partners face each time they reach the desk.

This is a simple gesture to showcase your appreciation for your loved one.

This wedding anniversary gift comes with a ladybug and a small tag attached to the floral stem that reads, “Happy 9th ‘Pottery’ Anniversary”.

The entire piece is about 7-inch tall.

You can see the beauty of this item in the way it’s crafted to perfection.

Moreover, rose is the classic symbol of passion and romantic love.

It has a polymer clay rose that’s attached to a floral stem.

And it’s anchored in glued pebbles that stands inside a terracotta pot.

You also have the option to select from a range of different flower designs, which makes for a great addition to this 9th-anniversary hamper.

Final Words

As you complete the 9 years of togetherness, there is a lot that you have learned about your significant other.

And selecting 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas that you believe they will appreciate shouldn’t be very tricky because experience comes of great use in such cases.

It’s true that anniversary is a celebration of togetherness, so ensure that you pick a traditional gift that will be loved in the first look itself.

Nevertheless, we have put together our favorite gift ideas now the ball is in your court, so grab the opportunity to impress your loved one with our anniversary gift ideas.

So, go ahead and pick some great gifts that has caught your fancy!

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