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Mary Sortijas
Mary Sortijas – Founder of PartyWedding.com

I was in my early twenties when a friend decided to get married. A summer wedding in Vermont thrilled me no end, until it came to gifting.

Now, I had known my friend for years. But it was only when I entered the gift shop that I realized I was completely at a loss.

To my relief, I soon found that most of my friends were in the same soup! One thing led to another, and that momentous wedding in Vermont was where the idea for Party Wedding took shape.

Over time, by engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds, it seemed to me that wedding anniversaries presented even more of a challenge where gifts were concerned.

That’s how Party Wedding was ultimately streamlined to cater to gifting needs for anniversaries in particular.


There is hardly such a thing as the ideal gift. This is why we, at Party Wedding, choose human connection above all else; the rest are variables.

In celebrating the most intimate relationship between individuals, creativity becomes an inherent part of love. Needless to say, we curate our gifts with that thought etched in our minds.

Be it your best friend’s anniversary or your own, a gift for a day so special is not easy to find. Party Wedding, therefore, gives you an incredible variety to choose from.

From personalized pieces to unique handcrafted kitchenware, our platform handpicks the best of the best for the ones dearest to you.

At Party Wedding, you’re in an extraordinary space that helps you find what you love for the one you love. Our curation is diverse as well as streamlined and geared towards meeting every unique need.

It’s simple, really! Each year of togetherness brings forth a gamut of emotions and experiences. And to celebrate them, we’re here to help.

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